Green Party Pledges

I am proud to be standing for election with a party whose pledges for the country set it apart from traditional establishment parties:

  • Universal Basic Income
  • Rent controls and an end to no-fault evictions
  • Stop selling off the NHS
  • Renationalise utilities and railways
  • Support power of unions
  • No new oil and gas licences
  • No new nuclear plants
  • Free school meals
  • Strengthen LGBTIQA+ rights
  • Welcome refugees through safe and legal routes
  • Rejoin the European Union
  • Get rid of tuition fees
  • Wealth tax on the richest households
  • Abolish council tax and business rates
  • Equalise capital gains tax with income tax
  • Abolish the monarchy
  • Scrap Trident nuclear weapons.

There's no climate justice without social justice

Whether you are passionate about clean air, human rights, ending systemic racism, or stopping climate change, it’s all linked. We are the only party that understands this and has the plan and policies to tackle these issues and create a fair and sustainable society.

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