Supporting the Climate and Ecology Bill

In November 2022, Green Councillors Zoë Garbett and Alastair Binnie-Lubbock tabled a motion supporting the Climate and Ecology Bill – and passed it at full Council.

Thanks to this motion, Hackney Council brought forward its net zero target to 2030 in key areas of its operations: decarbonising council buildings and its fleet.

There is more work to do because our Green Councillors proposed bringing forward the net zero 2030 goal for the whole borough. With a Green Mayor, we will hold enough sway in Council for our most ambitious plans.

We must SPEED UP our ambitions. We need to raise our net zero ambitions to 2030 across the borough. We must accelerate clean energy projects. We need to retrofit our homes faster and bring more of the financial savings directly to our residents. We need greater ambition in cleaning up our rivers and air. We need to create more green corridors so walking, public transport and cycling is safe and available to all of our diverse communities across the borough. We need to plant more trees to cool our borough and store more carbon.

We must SLOW DOWN our consumption. We must have honest conversations about the need to reduce over-consumption, fossil-plastic and waste. We need a circular economy which reduces, re-uses and repairs as a top priority, and recycles everything else. Over-consumption of luxury items and high-carbon travel, such as private jets and frequent flying, cause higher global temperatures and more toxic air with worst impacts on the poorest communities. We must urgently call for national government to take action, while doing everything within our power to tackle over-consumption locally through the transition towards a circular and low-carbon economy. We must use our council’s procurement practices and engage our partners across the borough to educate the public in how to align our lives with meaningful, low-impact lifestyles including low-carbon leisure and travel.

Advertising and Sponsorship Policy

In 2022, Hackney introduced its first Advertising and Sponsorship Policy which banned advertising of unethical projects like fast food on council sites. The origin of this policy was in the Hackney Green Party Manifesto following campaigning by Adblock Hackney.

In November 2023, Councillors Garbett and Binnie-Lubbock are pressing for the Council to expand this successful motion and take the next step by banning high-carbon advertising. With a Green Mayor, we can ensure that high-carbon advertising is banned in Hackney.

We need to be honest about our situation and move rapidly to a sustainable way of living which is fair for everyone, committing to doing everything in our power to stay under 1.5 degrees Celsius of global warming.

The climate crisis is a racist crisis. As Greens, we know that you cannot have climate justice without racial, social and economic justice too. Global heating, toxic air, cuts to public transport – all hurt the people and communities who have done least to cause them.

(Michael Lomotey, an expert on anti-blackness in the environmental movement, speaks about Black Futures at the Hackney Green Party’s AGM in 2023)

We must remove the barriers to participation in decision-making on climate and ecological action for our most diverse communities. Too often marginalised communities are excluded from opportunities to shape climate action in our borough, even though many of these diverse communities have heritage in global South countries and understand these urgent crises intimately.

Climate breakdown is already happening – with recent flooding in Stoke Newington and Hackney Wick as well as heat deaths across London last summer. But we can still contain the worst effects of the climate and ecological crisis if we act with greater ambition and urgency.

Hackney has the fourth highest level of heat vulnerability in the UK with 111 areas requiring adaptation. A Green Mayor will accelerate climate adaptation in order to defend our borough’s most vulnerable residents.

Whilst prioritising action to reduce our impact, we will also take immediate action on climate adaptation to prepare for climate risks such as creating havens from heat and cold, improving our buildings (for example schools and hospitals) and implementing improved drainage systems.

Hackney Council plans to increase waste-burning in east London. In 2025, the Council will redevelop and expand the Edmonton Incinerator, which is based in one of London’s most deprived boroughs. The new incinerator, if built, will likely burn more than 150,000 tonnes of plastic per year, adding to the toxic air breathed by the poorest communities in one of the poorest parts of east London.

As your Mayor, I pledge to: 

  • Tell the truth about the climate crisis being a racist crisis and put climate justice at the heart of my agenda as Mayor.
  • Include an assessment of climate justice in all decision-making and risk registers, as well as into all funding opportunities provided by the Council.
  • Remove barriers to participation for the most diverse communities in shaping climate action, so the Council will benefit from their lived experience and expertise.
  • Act ambitiously and urgently to stop the worst effects of climate and ecological breakdown, raising ambitions to achieve net zero by 2030 across the borough, not just within the Council’s operations.
  • “Pause and review” the expansion of the Edmonton incinerator, and explore cutting-edge technological innovations, like material and biological treatment.
  • Consult about expanding schemes to bring affordable, nutritious and culturally diverse food to all residents in our borough, prioritising the poorest communities, through a Plant Based Treaty – including teaching children how to engage with food growing and cooking in their borough.
  • Transform our economy to focus on wellbeing (not consumption, waste and short-term profit) and use all powers to reduce our impact, such as through the services we buy, to reduce the carbon and ecological footprint of all activities, while identifying opportunities to invest in green jobs.
  • Call for the government to do more – this is a global crisis demanding a global response.

My Plan for a Fairer Greener Hackney