As Mayor, I will aim to become a zero-waste borough by 2030, acting decisively to reduce the amount of waste Hackney produces and will rethink material usage wherever possible. Where it is absolutely necessary to dispose of waste, I will move towards doing this in a way that is more sustainable and responsible than the current system of incineration.

I will:

  • Lead by example and remove single-use items from council-run cafés and facilities
  • Ensure council procurement is as efficient as possible in all sectors, to reduce waste to a minimum
  • Offer business rates discounts to encourage shops, cafés and restaurants to cut down on single-use packaging
  • Bring a Library of Things to every ward in Hackney, to enable residents to borrow useful household items
  • Set up, promote, and support reuse and repair hubs across the borough
  • Expand the council’s food waste composting scheme to include all homes
  • Work with residents to to increase recycling rates on estates
  • Crack down on commercial fly-tippers and increase awareness and access to house bulk waste collection
  • Continue to oppose the rebuild of the Edmonton Incinerator, listen to residents and experts about the harmful effects of burning waste, and work for a solution that is better for the climate and public health

My Plan For Hackney